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Audiobooks / Crime & Mystery

Cover for The Cleaner 3: The Jacket

The Cleaner 3: The Jacket

Bertram is afraid to go to the police and tell them what he found in the stolen jacket, as he is a wanted criminal and does not want anything to do with law enforcement. He tries c ...

Cover for The Cleaner 2: The Leap

The Cleaner 2: The Leap

Roland Benito, who works for the Independent Police Grievance Unit, has been sent with his colleague to interrogate two police officers, who have responded to an emergency. A priso ...

Cover for The Cleaner 1: The List

The Cleaner 1: The List

Bertram and his three friends; Jack, Kasper and Felix, have just finished school, and have formed a small-time gang, calling themselves The Hawks. They work for The Handler, who pa ...

Cover for Looking for Alice

Looking for Alice

Gunvor Ström may be in her sixties, her hands might be too shaky to perform operations and her body complains every time she works out. But her mind is as sharp as her scalpel. Aft ...

Cover for Won by Crime

Won by Crime

“'It is no use!' she cried, at last, pushing back the mass of thick black hair falling over her white brow; 'I shall never be able to get India by heart, unless I can see the place ...

Cover for Nemesis


What really happens to the “lost children” of this world and what really goes on in the mind of a serial killer. Nemesis links a young psychic girl’s vision to a pedophile serial k ...

Cover for Dyke Darrel the Railroad Detective Or, The Crime of the Midnight Express

Dyke Darrel the Railroad Detective Or, The Crime of the Midnight Express

In this High Victorian detective novel, Dyke Darrel investigates the robbery of the Central Railroad’s midnight express, during which Dyke’s friend Arnold Nicholson, a messenger, w ...

Cover for GONE


Three teenage boys disappear from an exclusive suburb in Sydney.The kidnappers contact the boys' families - but two of the boys' dead bodies are found floating in the harbour befor ...

Cover for Theft of the Master

Theft of the Master

"Theft of the Master" aims to appeal to the reader seeking more from a novel than a good read. This is an intricate web of stories speckled with an assortment of finely described c ...

Cover for GAME


Three women are found naked and brutally murdered in central parts of Sydney - and DS Morgan Callaghan is assigned to lead the investigations of what seems to be the work of a seri ...

Cover for Loveblindness


Synopsis: It's Christmas 1956 and Livia von Bergen has received a diary as a present. The evenings are dark and chilly and she would rather spend them curled up in front of the fir ...

Cover for Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime is a story written by Oscar Wilde. The main character, Lord Arthur Savile, is introduced by Lady Windermere to Mr Septimus R. Podgers, a chiromantist, wh ...

Cover for The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost

The Canterville Ghost is a short story by Oscar Wilde. A modern American family moves into an English stately home - Canterville Chase. It turns out to be a traditionally drafty an ...

Cover for Life Support

Life Support

The overnight ER rotation at Springer Hospital is a calm one, which suits Dr. Toby Harper just fine. While Toby is fiercely proud of the stripes she earned as a resident in a big-c ...

Cover for Target America

Target America

From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times best seller American Sniper comes a heart-pounding military thriller in which the fabled Special Ops unit is activated to stop a group of ...

Cover for The Sniper and the Wolf

The Sniper and the Wolf

From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart-pounding military thriller in which American hero and SEAL Team sniper Gil Shannon joins up with ...

Cover for A Good Marriage

A Good Marriage

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Kristen Connelly, Joan Allen, and Anthony La Paglia, Stephen King's short story, "A Good Marriage" from Full Dark, No Stars is now availa ...

Cover for Big Driver

Big Driver

Now a Lifetime original movie, Stephen King's haunting story about an author of a series of mystery novels who tries to reconcile her old life with her life after a horrific attack ...

Cover for Cujo


The #1 national bestseller for Stephen King's rabid fans, Cujo "hits the jugular" (The New York Times) with the story of a friendly Saint Bernard that is bitten by a sick bat. Get ...

Cover for Roadwork


Only Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, can imagine the horror of a good and angry man who fights back against bureaucracy when it threatens to destroy his vitality, home, a ...

Cover for Until Proven Guilty

Until Proven Guilty

The little girl was found murdered, her pink nightgown twisted around her throat. She was only five. The woman who came to the funeral to throw a single rose on the coffin was very ...

Cover for Taking the Fifth

Taking the Fifth

At first the cops had little to go on, a paycheck stub from Starlight Productions, a matchbook from the Edgewater Inn.  Oh, and a body. Definitely male and decidedly dead, covered ...

Cover for Payment in Kind

Payment in Kind

The bloody corpses stashed in the broom closet of the Seattle School District building were lovingly entwined. It looked like a classic crime of passion to Detective J.P. Beaumont ...

Cover for Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey

Former homicide detective J.P. Beaumont may have cut himself loose from the Seattle police force, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the game. As he accompanies his grandmother and ...