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Cover for I See Something Special In You
Isbn: 978-91-8054-130-5
Publisher: Word Audio Publishing
Economics & Business
Accessible since: October 2022
James Woodrich
Alexandra Wright
Length: 3 hours 30 minutes


I See Something Special In You

What drives creativity in the world’s most innovative companies such as Google, Nike, Apple and Microsoft? How is creativity and talent harnessed to lead these global businesses?

Timo Kiuru, an internationally recognized creative director and public speaker, ventured on a mission to discover the answers to these questions. Timo reached out to numerous innovation experts with decades of experience in leading creative teams and companies, and asked them to share their stories. He captured their valuable insights and advice for this book.

What turned out to be the common thread in all the conversations was their ability to see that something special in a person. It became clear that the essence of leadership is in the skill to nurture people’s individual growth.

This book is about more than business: it’s about the experiences that make us who we are, the challenges that bring out the best in us. It helps us to see the connections between raw talent, creativity and business leadership.

Because that’s how we turn potential into superpower.

Timo Kiuru is a global creative director on a mission to change how creativity is seen in business. He travels the world to speak to professional audiences about innovation, leadership and change and writes books about creativity. Timo was recognized with the global 40 Under 40 industry award in Texas in 2016 and Speaker of the Year honorary award in 2019 in Helsinki.

With this book, he wants to inspire people to seek more specialness everywhere. Don’t dance like no one is watching – dance how you want to, even if everyone is watching.

Audiobook and e-book: © Laine Publishing & Word Audio Publishing

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